I was fortunate enough to take the lead on the product design from day one of this project, to help build the MVP to the first users.
I worked closed with the talented Yoan Almeida who realized the brand of elba.

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I've been working on Collective with the best design team at eFounders.

For this project, I lead the integration of the website on Webflow, and of its daily maintenance.
Big s/o to Yoan Almeida to design the logo and the 3D illustration.
Big s/o to Didier Forest to design the global UI of the website

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I've been working on Dotfile with the best design team at eFounders.

We designed the logo with Yoan Almeida.
I was then able to lead the creation of the complete visual identity through the design of a brand book and the establishment of the first landing page, with its Webflow integration.
I also work with the project on all the product design to make the experience as pleasant and friendly as possible, from the first users.

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I've been working on Numeral with the best design team at eFounders.

I had the chance to work on this project to design the logo and the whole visual identity. I was able to develop this identity by creating the first landing pages, as well as all the supports helping to communicate around the brand.

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I was the first designer of Simundia, for more than 2 years.

I met different challenges during this experience. I was in charge of redesigning and developing the brand image, but also rethinking and simplifying the whole remote professional coaching experience.
I participated in the development of the product, from its MVP stage, to the implementation of scores of features with thousands of users.

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I also do more things

On my Dribbble, you can find the progress of my work on my various projects, whether brand or product. I also share various explorations that are not necessarily implemented.

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